Show 95, November 1, 2014: Chef Steve Samson of Sotto

Steve Samson of SottoChef Steve Samson of Sotto is no stranger to the show. His “Sopra at Sotto” dining series will have its second installment on November 4th. While Sotto specializes in Southern Italian cuisine, the Sopra series allows Chef Steve to explore the rich and diverse cuisine of various regions to the North. The second dinner in the series will spotlight the food of Piedmonte.

Piedmonte prides itself as the home of the famous white truffle. Guests will have the unusual opportunity to try these earthy truffles as a possible addition to two of Chef Steve’s favorite Piedmontese dishes.

Piedmonte is also famous for Barbaresco, Barbera and Barolo wines. Pairings for the evening will include these grapes.

There will also be a “Sopra at Sotto” dinner in early December. This will feature a hit parade of Northern Italian specialties instead of being limited to a specific geographic area.