Show 40, September 14, 2013: Jim Riley, founder of Azunia Tequila

Azunia TequilaJim Riley, the founder of Azunia Tequila joins us. In his spare time Jim is a professional off-road racer of some note. He characterizes it as “NASCAR in the dirt.”

This is an impressive case study of how a boutique tequila company grows a brand in an environment dominated by cash-rich giants. Riley has built his premium brand, in part, with clever grass-roots marketing and being seen in the right places.

Azunia Tequila is organic and 100 per cent Weber Blue Agave. The Agave takes 7 to 10 years to mature. Like a fine wine the tequila takes on flavor characteristics of the terroir the Weber Agave is grown in. It is available in the styles of Platinum Blanco (great for cocktails,) Reposado, and Anejo.