Show 326, June 1, 2019: Cole Miller, Head Distiller, The Underground at The Mob Museum, Las Vegas

Mixologist Cole MillerThe Underground at Downtown Las Vegas’ The Mob Museum, is an extensive, interactive Prohibition history exhibition featuring a working distillery, brewery and speakeasy. Entirely re-envisioning the typical museum exhibition experience, The Underground takes visitors on an uncommonly vivid journey back in time. Situated discreetly in the basement of the Museum, The Underground encompasses 2,814 square feet appointed with luxurious, Art Deco design motifs.

Guests of The Underground are encouraged to ponder the time when consuming alcohol was not only a criminal act, but also bred secret watering holes–some of which became the most glamorous places to be.

Numerous exhibits and artifacts found in the distillery and speakeasy add depth and context to the experience. Exhibits and artifacts on display bring to life the essence of a time that saw organized crime syndicates grow richer and more powerful than ever before, while giving rise to great cultural and societal change.

A Distillery Tour and Tastings are also available at The Underground. (A ticket is required.) Sampling a variety of distilled spirits is part of the experience. Participants will have the opportunity to explore The Underground, learn about Prohibition and its impact on a variety of liquor. As part of the experience guests w are educated on the historical origins of Prohibition and gain insights into the drinking culture that existed before the 1920s era.

The Tasting Experience includes moonshine, vodka and The Underground’s ginger infusion. The tour encourages visitors to develop an appreciation for the flavor of genuine, corn-mash moonshine.

As a great souvenir of The Mob Museum you can buy premium moonshine in various sizes (and flavors) distilled in the working copper still at The Underground.

Our spirited guide is The Underground’s Head Distiller, Cole Miller.

Show 45, October 26, 2013: Kent Bearden, Craft Beer & Spirits Specialist for Wirtz Beverage Nevada

Kent Bearden of Wirtz Beverage Group NevadaCraft beer, premium wines, and fine spirits are well represented at Life is Beautiful. In fact, the center of the spirited action will be at the Alchemy Gardens and the related Flight Tastings area (6th St. & Ogden Ave.) at the Festival. The Gardens showcased the beverages of 18 distinguished craft breweries, 18 quality wineries, and 18 spirits entities.

The separate Flight Tastings of spirits, craft beer, and premium wines were for an additional ticket price and included one-on-one tastings with distinguished winemakers, distillers, and craft beer brewers.

Craft Beer and Spirits Specialist Kent Bearden of Wirtz Beverage Nevada was with us to provide all the thirst-quenching details. He’s a Cicerone (certified beer specialist) and Certified Specialist of Spirits.