Show 573, April 13, 2024: Truly Pizza, Dana Point with Pizzaiolos Chris Decker and Sergio Balderas

Chris Decker of Truly Pizza

Truly Pizza, the only restaurant of its kind in Southern California, with outdoor garden seating aims to provide Dana Point residents and visitors with a unique and delicious pizza experience filled with world-class pizza making and generations old techniques. The menu features classic 12” square and round pizzas sold whole or by-the-slice made with award-winning five-day-fermented crispy and airy wood-fired dough along with a selection of focaccia sandwiches, salads and desserts.”

“All pizzas are made with Truly Pizza’s signature, award-winning pizza dough recipe that involves a lengthy fermentation process to ensure rich flavor and a cloudlike, yet crisp and airy texture with each bite.”

The onsite pizzaiola is Chris Decker, a renowned World Pizza Champion (Las Vegas’ Metro Pizza) with a reputation for culinary excellence, artistry and an imaginative approach to pizza making that respects long standing traditions. Rising Star World Pizza Champion Michael Vakneen is also part of the acclaimed on-site culinary team. They are assisted by award-winning Chef and Kitchen Manager Sergio Balderas.

Another culinary partner is pizza legend “John Arena (co-founder of Metro Pizza in Las Vegas) who was born into a family of pizza makers and spent his life dedicated to his craft. Known for his Food Network appearances, making pizzas for five US Presidents and serving pizzas at his beloved Las Vegas restaurants, he is one of the most accomplished and respected pizzaiolos in the world.”

Prominent Dana Point residents Donna Baldwin-Muller and developer Steve Muller are the principals of the high-profile ownership group of Truly Pizza.

Pizzaiolos Chris Decker and Sergio Balderas join us in-studio with pizza peel in hand.

Truly Pizza will be one of the acclaimed participating pizzerias at Pizza City Fest Los Angeles on Saturday, April 27th.