Show 21, March 16, 2013: Chef Aarti Sequeira, Star of Cooking Channel’s “Taste in Translation” and “Drop 5LBS. with Good Housekeeping”

Aarti SequeiraAarti Sequeira came to national prominence on food television when she won Food Network’s “Food Network Star” series for Season 6. She was the clear audience favorite. Aarti ably guest hosted the show today because Jet was on assignment in New York.

Aarti’s big news is that she is well along with the manuscript for her first book which is a combination of inspirational memoir and cookbook. It’s set for publication in Autumn of 2014.

Taste in Translation” can be seen on Friday evenings on Cooking Channel and “Drop 5 LBS with Good Housekeeping” is aired on Saturday morning on Cooking Channel.