Show 539, August 19, 2023: Partner & Executive Chef Yvon Goetz, The Winery Restaurant – Hatch Chile Roasting and Toasting Afternoon

Yvon Goetz of the Winery Restaurant and Bar

“It’s no secret why everyone is obsessed with Hatch Peppers. Named after the original growing area in Hatch, New Mexico, authentic Hatch Peppers are truly a Southwestern favorite. No other pepper is prized more than this variety which grows in the Hatch Valley, just north of Las Cruces. The valley, which stretches along the Rio Grande’s southern-most bend before crossing into Texas and Mexico, is covered with row after row of these green leafy pepper plants for most of the summer. Chefs say that the intense sunlight and cool nights in this valley result in a uniquely flavored pepper that’s unrivaled by any other.”

Celebrate a fun Hatch Pepper event in Tustin where the original Winery Restaurant and Wine Bar is presenting their annual Hatch Chile Roasting and Toasting Event orchestrated by their founding Partner and Executive Chef Yvon Goetz. It’s a relaxing and leisurely afternoon of sipping cold beer and Tequila while enjoying Hatch Chile Hors d’oeuvres (think Hatch Chile & Duck Confit Banh Mi with Green Keitt Mango) with fellow discriminating foodies and chile heads. The festivities take place on The Winery’s spacious Vineyard Patio in Tustin on August 26th from 1:30 p.m., until 4:00 p.m.

Chef Yvon joins us with a basket of freshly roasted Hatch Chiles at the ready.