Show 194, October 22, 2016: Sherman Chan, Sherman’s Food Adventures, British Columbia

Sherman ChanSherman Chan is a well-respected food blogger based in Vancouver, B.C. and known for integrity. His popular blog is Sherman’s Food Adventures and includes honest commentary on restaurants and great visuals.

His eventual goal is to dine in every restaurant in Vancouver and its suburbs (including Richmond.) So far it’s over 800 restaurants in Vancouver and 200 plus in Richmond. That is dining out at least once a day for the last 7 years. Understand this is a (serious) hobby for Sherman.

We shared/slurped noodles with him on our recent trip to Richmond, BC for their intensive Hole in the Wall Street Food Tour. We’ll get Sherman’s objective thoughts on the current vibrant dining scene in both Vancouver as well as in Richmond, B.C. We’ll also highlight his travels on Richmond’s new Dumpling Trail.

Sherman was recently in Boston for the first time. Look for his Boston dining adventures to be posted in December. Also, Sherman has done some dining in Los Angeles & environs a few years back. All those posts are available for the reading in the Sherman’s Food Adventures archives.

Sherman Chan of Sherman’s Food Adventures is our guest.