Show 113, March 7, 2015: Don Webber, Co-Owner, Cultivating Good

Don WebberWe’re back in Temecula this morning with Don Webber, the progressive and forward-thinking co-owner of Cultivating Good which is the umbrella for three businesses. Cultivating Good is a partnership of several different entities including; E.A.T. Marketplace (Extraordinary Artisan Table), Harvest 2U and EAT@Home. Each follows the same mission; to support local farms and provide fresh, healthy food alternatives conveniently and affordably.

The founders of Harvest 2U saw a need in their community to provide families with an alternative to the high-priced organic produce sold in conventional grocery stores, and to offer a convenient solution for those wanting to buy from local farmers. Harvest 2U was created to bring quality locally grown produce to area families at a competitive price.

“Cultivating Good is committed to Good, Clean & Fair food, which directly impacts our health and our planet. We accomplish this mission through: direct purchasing and solid relationships with farmers, ranchers, and food artisans; keeping alive our local family and farm heritage; growing our local economies; sustaining the local food shed in which we live and operate; educating our customers about our planet; and cultivating partnerships within our local business community.”

“Our Mission keeps us all in the good food conversation; at the table, working together as a team”


Show 15, February 2, 2013: Leah DiBernardo, Executive Chef & Co-Owner of E.A.T. (Extraordinary Artisan Table) in Temecula and head (as a volunteer) of the Slow Food Temecula Valley convivium.

Restaurateur & Chef Leah DiBernardo of E.A.T. (Extraordinary Artisan Table)The storefront E.A.T. café and marketplace in Temecula is celebrating it’s year anniversary although Leah has been doing acclaimed catering in the Temecula Valley for a number of years. You can dine leisurely at one of the family style tables in the cafe or the locally sourced cuisine can be packed up to be re-heated at home.

Food philosophy at E.A.T. is simple – embrace & glorify seasonal produce, locally procured meats & wines that are made in the Temecula Valley, whenever possible. We produce our cuisine with the best to ensure that the flavors and quality of our ingredients make your taste buds pop.”

Leah also donates her time to head the Slow Food Chapter in the Temecula Valley. As a non-profit they raise money to create produce gardens in the local schools and better educate the students on health and sound nutrition.