Show 115, March 21, 2015: Chef Arthur Gonzalez, Panxa Cocina

Arthur GonzalezEAT LBC – Long Beach Restaurant Week returns for its big 2nd year from March 22nd to March 28th. One of the participating restaurants is the newly opened Panxa Cocina. It’s in the former Christy’s space on E. Broadway. Chef Arthur Gonzalez (ex-ROE Restaurant) is the Executive Chef and Co-Owner. It’s Santa Fe, New Mexico-style cuisine with rich, bold flavors and a lot of imagination with accents from Mexico and South America, too. Look for distinctive, seasonal Hatch chiles (from Hatch, NM) as a key ingredient.

“In Latin, “panxa” (pronounced “pan-zah”) means “belly” which is fitting because at Panxa Cocina, your belly will always be naturally filled with love, flavors and wonderful food.”

“Panxa reflects a youthful exuberance of timeless, beautiful Latin culture, fresh ingredients home-grown, exciting foods and flavors hand-crafted with love, home comfort, family and friends, tequila and other exciting drinks and so much more.”

Chef Art is with us for the menu highlights.