Show 70, April 26, 2014: Host Jet Tila and Producer Andy Harris

Chef Jet and Producer Andy preview the show.

It’s the City of Beverly Hills’ 100th Birthday. It takes a mega-talented pastry chef (and his skilled team) to create and bake a massive edible cake befitting this very special occasion. 15,000 slices will be served.

Peppers are a great addition to almost any dish as they add flavor (and not just heat.) We’ll dive into the just released The Great Pepper Cookbook: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing and Cooking with Peppers.

Anthony Bourdain has called upon Chef Jet’s considerable expertise in Thai cuisine in the past with his prior Travel Channel’s “No Reservations.” Jet discusses his recent adventures with Mr. Bourdain for the new season of CNN’s “Parts Unknown.” Hint…It’s in Las Vegas.

Chef Eric Greenspan (ex-Foundry on Melrose) is a genuine character and an accomplished chef. He’s now also the maestro of gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches!

Crave rich & decadent ice cream? There is a new super premium brand now available locally that both the chocolate and vanilla are single origin.

All of this and lots more incredible deliciousness on Saturday’s show!