Show 43, October 12, 2013: Erika Nakamura, master butcher, chef, and co-owner of Lindy & Grundy Meats

Erika Nakamura of Lindy and Grundy MeatsThe classic, full-service neighborhood butcher shop is alive, well, and prospering at the 3-year old Lindy & Grundy Meats in the Fairfax District of Los Angeles. Artisan butcher Erika Nakamura (half of the Lindy & Grundy team along with Amelia Posada) was with us to fill us in. Erika is also a classically trained chef.

All of their premium meats are from humanely treated, grass fed animals and 100 per cent locally produced and sustainable. The partners only source meat from farms they have visited. They even inspect the harvesting facility where the animal is processed. They offer an alternative to commercial farming.

Here’s a tip for home tailgaters. On Sunday afternoon from 3 to 4:00 p.m. they feature “Smokey Sundays.” Each Sunday they offer a variety of slow smoked meats from their grill. You might see brisket, smoked ribs, chicken, buffalo chicken wings and more. Call that Sunday to see what’s on that menu.

They also offer educational classes.