Show 489, September 3, 2022: Al Mancini, Food & Entertainment Journalist, Las Vegas, and Creator of Neon Feast Dining App

Al Mancini of Neon Feast

When we last spoke with Las Vegas-based food and entertainment journalist Al Mancini he had just launched the ambitious Neon Feast dining app.

“Available now on app stores for both Apple and Android, Neon Feast solves the “where to eat” dilemma for both visitors and locals with listings curated by dozens of local and nationally prominent food & beverage experts, searchable through a unique combination of filters and capabilities.”

“In contrast to other crowdsourced restaurant review apps, the list of venues on Neon Feast is limited to only those that the experts recommend, currently approaching 500 eateries. The diverse all-star panel includes prominent local and national food writers, local chefs and foodies who were invited to share the restaurants they would recommend to friends and family (without compensation). Restaurants cannot “buy-in” to be included on the app, although premium features allow them to add reservation buttons, one-touch Uber calls and other elements. Some of the searchable filters and lists include cuisine types, neighborhoods, date night spots, late-night dining, breathtaking views, etc.”

Al Mancini is our guest to discuss Labor Day dining in Las Vegas and provide an update on the progress of Neon Feast.

Al’s Las Vegas food-focused, “Food and Loathing” podcast drops with a new episode every Friday.