Show 330, June 29, 2019: Mani Niall – “Baker to the Stars” Part One

Baker to the Stars Mani Niall“Baker to the Stars” Mani Niall is fondly remembered for the groundbreaking Mani’s Bakery in Los Angeles launched in 1989. For the last 6 years he’s been the proprietor of Sweet Bar Bakery in Oakland which he sold last year.

Mani is also the creator of the intriguing fauxnut (an acclaimed, alternative donut that is not fried, low in fat and absolutely delicious.) It was developed for the actor Danny DeVito for the Oscar-nominated feature motion picture, Other People’s Money. (Mr. DeVito excludes refined sugar & junk food from his diet.)

Mani was back in Los Angeles in May working with the baking and pastry staff at Akasha in Culver City tweaking the menu and developing new creations. Mani’s award-winning fauxnuts are regularly available locally at the Café at Akasha in Culver City.

“We take the time and effort to bake first and foremost for great taste, and also for a variety of health concerns – focusing as much on ingredient standards as on taste.” – Mani Niall

We’ll find out what’s on the rise with Chef Mani.