Show 352, December 21, 2019: Joy of Cooking’s 9th Edition Authors, John Becker & Megan Scott Part One

John Becker and Megan Scott of the Joy of Cooking“For a new generation of cooks, comes a brand-new edition of America’s most enduring and trusted cookbook. Joy of Cooking, the timeless and essential kitchen “bible” that home cooks have relied on for nearly 90 years, has now been updated and revised by the next generation of Joy family home cooks—Irma Rombauer’s great-grandson John Becker and his wife Megan Scott.”

“It is the first edition of Joy of Cooking to be released since the must-have kitchen manual’s bestselling 75th anniversary edition (2006), and the first to be fully revised by the Rombauer-Becker family since the cookbook’s bestselling 1975 edition, edited by Irma’s daughter Marion Rombauer Becker.”

“John Becker and Megan Scott have devoted the past nine years toward this classic cookbook’s revision, offering an edition with 600 all new recipes, that brims with food history and science, making Joy of Cooking as rich of a reading experience as a culinary one. It is the first edition of Joy of Cooking to also be available as an eBook.”

John Becker and Megan Scott take a brief respite from their busy book tour to chat with us.


Show 314, March 9, 2019: “LA FOODWAYS Exploring Los Angeles’ Storied Agricultural Past” with Executive Producer Raphael Sbarge

Raphael SbargeKCET‘s (Public Television) regional historical documentary, LA FOODWAYS Exploring Los Angeles’ Storied Agricultural Past, is a new multi-platform series (and a KCET Original) presenting some surprising answers to challenges we now face as a city.

LA FOODWAYS examines the history of food in Los Angeles. This documentary from filmmaker Raphael Sbarge (A Concrete River; Reviving the Waters of Los Angeles) and KCET looks at the storied agricultural history of Los Angeles to understand present food waste challenges.

From the importance of orange crops in the 19th century to the massive scale of food waste in the U.S., the film is a deep dive into how local organizations are coming together to ensure the future of agriculture in the region.

““Foodways” was first coined in 1942 by anthropologists, folklorists and food scholars to describe the study of why we eat what we eat, and what it means: “Food at the intersection of culture, tradition and history.” Our attitudes, practices and rituals around food are a window onto our most basic beliefs about the world and ourselves.”

Executive Producer, Raphael Sbarge (Suh-barge), is our guest.



Show 97, November 15, 2014: Simon Majumdar

Simon MajumdarYou know food historian Simon Majumdar as the no-nonsense judge on Food Network’s hit series, “Cutthroat Kitchen” with Alton Brown. Majumdar’s new food series, “EAT: The Story of Food” launches Friday, November 21st @ 9:00 p.m. PST on National Geographic Channel. The show examines how food impacts societies throughout history.

“This is a wonderful way to look at the world because it’s so universal.” Majumdar said. “As I’ve travelled around the world I’ve seen how much food impacts every society and every period in history, and how much it impacts the world we live in today”

“Traveling around the United States over the past year, I saw that it’s a country that finds lots of ways to argue with each other – over religion, guns, politics, you name it. But once you have a meal with someone in their home, it becomes a different equation. I always say it’s hard to have an argument with someone when you have a mouthful of ribs. I think if we all are together, we’d probably have a better society.”