Show 344, October 12, 2019: Kitchens for Good’s WASTED: A Celebration of Sustainable Food

Mauve Rochford of Sugar and Scribe BakeryWASTED: A Celebration of Sustainable Food will be in San Diego on Sunday, October 20th. At this tastemaker event, 35 local and national celebrity chefs and mixologists are challenged to prepare standout dishes and cocktails using food that might otherwise be go to waste.

The event brings sustainability to the consciousness of both chefs, mixologists, and consumers and create a call-to-action around re-thinking food waste. Guests will enjoy unlimited craft cocktails, food, auctions, and live music. All proceeds will support Kitchens for Good.

General Admission tickets are $115 and VIP access is $200, including early admission, cooking demos & special tastings and a VIP Lounge.

Kitchens for Good Co-Founder and Senior Director Aviva Paley and participating Chef Maeve Rochford of La Jolla’s Sugar & Scribe Bakery (The California Restaurant Association’s Chef of the Year) join us with all the scrumptious details.


Show 318, April 6, 2019: Patti Larson, Executive Director, Food Finders

Food Finders Long BeachThis month Long Beach-based Food Finders is celebrating 30 years of rescuing food and eliminating food insecurity in Southern California.

With thirteen employees and 300 volunteers, Food Finders rescues perfectly edible, unserved food from restaurants, caterers, grocery stores, bakeries, produce markets and other food vendors and delivers it within hours to nearby agencies such as shelters, senior centers, Boys & Girls Clubs, etc., that service the food insecure throughout Southern California. This rescue effort also reduces the amount of CO2 gasses leaked into the atmosphere by keeping discarded food out of the landfills.

A personal effort and passion that began at founder Arlene Mercer’s Seal Beach kitchen table 30 years ago, Food Finders has grown into an organization that has rescued 150 million pounds of food, equating to 125 million meals, since April, 1989.

“We’re proud of our efforts to reduce hunger and food waste over the last 30 years,” said Patti Larson, who succeeded Mercer as executive director of Food Finders in 2011 when Mercer retired. “But we still have a ways to go, considering 1 in 8 in Californians remain food insecure and yet the average family of four throws out $1,500 worth of perfectly good food each year.”

Food Finders 30th Anniversary fundraising goal is to raise $30,000 in financial donations during the month of April. For more information and how to donate, visit their website.

Executive Director Patti Larson is our guest to better explain the need.


Show 314, March 9, 2019: “LA FOODWAYS Exploring Los Angeles’ Storied Agricultural Past” with Executive Producer Raphael Sbarge

Raphael SbargeKCET‘s (Public Television) regional historical documentary, LA FOODWAYS Exploring Los Angeles’ Storied Agricultural Past, is a new multi-platform series (and a KCET Original) presenting some surprising answers to challenges we now face as a city.

LA FOODWAYS examines the history of food in Los Angeles. This documentary from filmmaker Raphael Sbarge (A Concrete River; Reviving the Waters of Los Angeles) and KCET looks at the storied agricultural history of Los Angeles to understand present food waste challenges.

From the importance of orange crops in the 19th century to the massive scale of food waste in the U.S., the film is a deep dive into how local organizations are coming together to ensure the future of agriculture in the region.

““Foodways” was first coined in 1942 by anthropologists, folklorists and food scholars to describe the study of why we eat what we eat, and what it means: “Food at the intersection of culture, tradition and history.” Our attitudes, practices and rituals around food are a window onto our most basic beliefs about the world and ourselves.”

Executive Producer, Raphael Sbarge (Suh-barge), is our guest.



Show 300, December 1, 2018: Food Journalist Lindsay-Jean Hard, Cooking With Scraps – Turn Your Peels, Cores, Rinds, And Stems Into Delicious Meals

Lindsay-Jean HurdThe statistics are grim: Americans currently produce 133 pounds of food waste every year, and 40 percent of food in this country goes uneaten. For the first time ever, the USDA has set a nationwide goal to reduce food waste by 50 percent by the year 2030. Lindsay-Jean Hard’s Cooking with Scraps – Turn Your Peels, Cores, Rinds, Stems and other Odds and Ends into Delicious Meals (Workman Publishing, $19.95, October 30, 2018) provides 85 creative, delicious, and inspired recipes to help home cooks meet this important goal.

By learning the basics behind transforming food waste into treasure, readers can take advantage of ingredients such as outdated produce, cheese rinds, stale bread, and other oft-discarded foods to create budget-conscious, sustainable, and highly satisfying meals.

Lindsay-Jean explains the rationale behind her choices in the recipes: “What lies unused in one’s fridge or pantry is not a purposeless object destined for the waste bin! For the most part, you’ll find recipes for the often unused parts—I’m assuming that if you buy carrots you already know how to use the carrot’s root, but you might not know how to make use of the greens—but every now and then I’ll touch on how to incorporate the whole item. For an ingredient to make it into the book, it had to be “worth it” to me as a scrap. For example, when buying broccoli, generally enough of the stem is sold along with it that it makes sense to put it to use, but you won’t find a recipe focused around ginger peels, because not only does it not really need to be peeled, but even if you do peel it, you won’t generate enough of it at one time to turn into something else.”

“Lindsay-Jean Hard received her Master’s in Urban Planning from the University of Michigan. Her education and passion for sustainability went on to inform and inspire her work in the garden, home, and community. The seeds of this book were planted in her Food52 column of the same name. Today she works to share her passion for great food and great communities as a marketer at Zingerman’s Bakehouse. She lives, writes, loves, and creates in Ann Arbor, Michigan.”

We’ll meet Lindsay-Jean.


Show 291, September 22, 2018: Robert Egger, L.A. Kitchen, Founder & CEO

Robert EggarL.A. Kitchen, a pioneering non-profit, is again rallying Angelenos to take a stand and participate in a city-wide party (October 5 to 7) to raise awareness and fight food waste, hunger and unemployment. Shared Plates is L.A Kitchen’s anti-gala, a weekend of dinner parties for good that invites thousands of Angelenos to sit around the table in their backyards, restaurants, businesses and schools across Los Angeles.

100% of the ticket sales help in feeding LA’s homeless and senior population, offering culinary job training to the formerly incarcerated or formerly homeless and towards diverting thousands of pounds of food that would have otherwise gone to waste.

Look for L.A. Kitchen branded packaged fresh food products at the food outlets at LAX. Sandwiches and salads…

Robert Egger, L.A. Kitchen Founder & CEO sets the table for us.


Show 291, September 22, 2018: Robert Egger, L.A. Kitchen, Founder & CEO Continues…

Robert EggarL.A. Kitchen, a pioneering non-profit, is again rallying Angelenos to take a stand and participate in a city-wide party (October 5 to 7) to raise awareness and fight food waste, hunger and unemployment. Shared Plates is L.A Kitchen’s anti-gala, a weekend of dinner parties for good that invites thousands of Angelenos to sit around the table in their backyards, restaurants, businesses and schools across Los Angeles.

Now in its third year, the 2017 Shared Plates campaign provided over 100 dinners arranged by participating restaurants and private individuals, engaging 1,000 Angelenos for the cause and contributing over $120,000 to the non-profit for its services to those in need.

“This is our 3rd year of Shared Plates. We love that more and more people from across the region are hosting simple dinners in their homes to support L.A. Kitchen. We love that there’s no age, income or geographic barriers to our event….anybody can be a host, anyone can participate, and everyone can benefit. This is food democracy.”

Robert Egger, L.A. Kitchen Founder & CEO


Show 220, April 22, 2017: Los Angeles Times Food Bowl Preview, Noelle Carter, Test Kitchen Director

Noelle CarterDebuting May 1st to 31st is the ambitious L.A. Times Food Bowl (“A New Kind of Food Festival”), a month-long festival celebrating the city’s dynamic, influential food scene and promoting awareness about food waste and hunger.

“For the entire month of May, Food Bowl will seek to engage our community in the importance and enjoyment of food. Our ambition is to produce the city’s largest and most inclusive food festival. While we celebrate the sprawling creativity and diversity of L.A.’s cuisines and the world’s best chefs, we will also confront hunger.”

The Los Angeles Times Test Kitchen Director Noelle Carter joins us with an overview.


Show 190, September 24, 2016: Robert Egger, Founder & CEO, L.A. Kitchen

Robert EggarL.A. Kitchen is a growing-in-profile, local non-profit whose thoughtful mission is that food and people should never go to waste. On Saturday evening, October 22nd they are launching their first ever fundraiser: Shared Plates. It’s “a night of 100 dinner parties” across Los Angeles.

“On behalf of the L.A. Kitchen, I’m thrilled to invite you to SHARED PLATES, an extraordinary night of 100 dinner parties hosted in homes all across our great city on Saturday, October 22nd. By sharing plates, stories, and a few surprises, these dinners will bring Angelenos from every walk of life together to reveal the power of food”

“Thanks to the generosity of our hosts, 100 per cent of your ticket revenue goes to support the L.A. Kitchen’s vital work to ensure that neither food nor people will ever go to waste.” – From Robert Egger, Founder & CEO, L.A. Kitchen

Robert Egger, Founder & CEO of L.A. Kitchen is our guest with a tantalizing preview.


Show 186, August 27, 2016: Los Angeles Times The Taste, Preview

Noelle CarterThe Los Angeles Times’ The Taste is back Labor Day Weekend on the backlot at Paramount Pictures Studios in Hollywood. It’s perhaps the ultimate Summer epicurean pop-up and block party featuring the talents of chefs, bartenders and restaurateurs. Our guests are Sunday Block Party’s Host, Noelle Carter, Times Test Kitchen Director, and Michael Flood of the L.A. Regional Food Bank.

A panel of the Sunday Block Party hosted by Noelle Carter is “Waste Not Want Not: Sustainable Uses for Food Waste.” It’s at 12:45 p.m. on September 4th. on the Taste Bar Stage. Noelle is the moderator and Michael Flood of the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank is a panelist. Food waste of perfectly edible food should be an incredible concern to all of us.


Show 180, July 16, 2016: Show Preview with Executive Producer & Co-Host Andy Harris and Chef Andrew Gruel

Andrew Gruel at the AM830 KLAA StudiosExecutive Chef Andrew Gruel of the rapidly growing Slapfish empire with restaurants in Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, LAX, Irvine at UCI and, most recently, Brea, is back as today’s special Guest Host. Last month in Chicago he received Nation’s Restaurant News’ Trendsetter MenuMaster Award for Slapfish.

Now a (hopefully) tantalizing preview of Saturday’s overloaded show and not, with profuse apologies, for dieters. If we’re successful we will always leave you incredibly hungry and thirsty. In our case that’s actually a pretty good thing…

The Ranch Restaurant in Anaheim has a tremendous commitment to using fresh fruit and vegetables in all their preparations. They incredibly have their own farm in Orange where they grow many of the fruits and vegetables used at the bar and on the dinner menu. Executive Chef Michael Rossi actually checks the farm daily to see what can be used fresh from the field on that day’s menu. Restaurant Manager & Mixologist Dan Minjares has recently introduced their new Summer Cocktails. Included is a selection of “Farm Inspired Summer Cocktails.” Dan is with us to explain all the refreshing specifics.

George Motz is an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, founder of the Food Film Festival, and author of the well-received Hamburger America. He’s a well-traveled “accidental” burger authority with impeccable credentials. Motz’s newest offering is The Great American Burger Book – How to Make Authentic Regional Hamburgers at Home. George puts his well-used spatula down briefly to join us with the hot & juicy details.

The classic Casa Vega is a family-owned Mexican restaurant that has been a Sherman Oaks landmark for 60 years. They are celebrating their 60th Anniversary in style with cocktails and a special seven-course menu this Saturday night, July 16th. It’s a benefit for the L.A. Regional Food Bank. The celebrity guest chef is Baja’s Javier Plascencia. 2nd generation proprietress Christy Vega is our guest.

Chef Eric Samaniego (Bravo TV’s “Best New Restaurant“), formerly of Little Sparrow in Santa Ana, has joined Michael’s On Naples in Long Beach as the award-winning restaurant’s chef de cuisine. In addition to changes in the kitchen, Michael’s on Naples is experiencing an aesthetic transformation as well. The restaurant’s rooftop terrace has been under construction as it undergoes a major expansion and renovation. Chef Eric joins us.

Food waste is inexcusable in restaurants these days. It’s a matter of principle in addition to being part of the green movement. Our own Chef Andrew Gruel will highlight what he does to turn usable items that were formally tossed in the garbage into practical (and tasty) menu items.

All of this and lots more absolutely incredible deliciousness on Saturday’s show!