Show 208, January 28, 2017: Dominique Duby of Wild Sweets, Richmond, B.C.

Dominique and CIndy DubyDominique and Cindy Duby are the Chief Chocolate Officers of Richmond’s boutique chocolatier, Wild SweetsDominique joins us in sweet conversation.

“As Canada’s only science-based cocoa bean-to-bar chocolate-makers, we turn premium cocoa beans into ‘Haute’ chocolates, novel confections & designer pastry. Located in Richmond, Greater Vancouver Region, BC, Canada.”

The Dubys are world-acclaimed chocolate makers, designer chocolatiers, celebrated authors, foodArt architects, photographers and owners of Wild Sweets. Wild Sweets is an haute chocolate couture concept that specializes in the painstaking multi-step process of making their own vintage chocolate in-house from premium cocoa beans.

Their list of international accolades and major awards is extensive.

Their chocolate lab and production facility in Richmond is a must visit (by appointment only) for serious chocolate aficionados. Try their chocolate tea created from the byproducts of the chocolate making process. They offer a variety of very special Cocoa Bean to Chocolate Tasting & Appreciation classes.

Their line of decadent chocolate products can be purchased via their Website and safely shipped to the United States.