Show 287, August 25, 2018: Chef Andrew Gruel, Founder, Slapfish Restaurant Group

Andrew and William GruelChef Andrew Gruel, the founder of The Slapfish Restaurant Group, joins us with another installment of Ask the Chef.”

Consider the poor, misunderstood sardine. There is actually a lot more to it than what is packed in a flat tin with olive oil, tomato sauce or mustard.

Fresh sardines (when available) grilled, fried or broiled are a treat. The great aspect to note is that with sardines you don’t have to worry about the bones and the fish is both healthy to enjoy and sustainable. Sardines grow fast. When fresh are not available the packaged, flash frozen version work well, too.

When you’re buying the flat tins of sardines Chef Andrew prefers them packed in tomato sauce.

Show 206, January 14, 2017: The Bungalow Restaurant, Corona del Mar, for Newport Beach Restaurant Week

Terri HenryThe 11th Annual Newport Beach Restaurant Week is upon us from January 16th to 29th, 2017. The Bungalow Restaurant, which celebrated its 20th anniversary last October, is one of the 60 plus restaurants participating.

For Restaurant Week The Bungalow offers a $20 per guest 3-course Lunch menu with a choice of 8 entrée options including Grilled Mahi Mahi & Wild Rice Salad. For Dinner there is a $40 menu option as well as a $50 menu.

The Bungalow is a local favorite at the crossroads of Coast Highway and MacArthur Boulevard in Corona del Mar. Its shingle façade, striking black awnings, and Arts and Crafts font displaying the restaurant’s name gives the feel of dining in a charming Craftsman retreat.

The Bungalow’s menu specializes in USDA Prime Steaks, fresh seafood and handcrafted cocktails. The restaurant also boasts a 160-label wine cellar featuring premium vintages. A full bar and menu of signature cocktails adds to the restaurant’s allure.

Terri Henry of Terri Henry Marketing (representing her client, The Bungalow) joins us to highlight their Lunch and Dinner Restaurant Week menu options.


Show 189, September 17, 2016: Chef Andrew Gruel, Slapfish Restaurant Group, The Best in Seafood Suppliers for Consumers

Andrew Gruel and his son WilliamOur Co-Host Chef Andrew Gruel of The Slapfish Restaurant Group based in Huntington Beach really knows about the sourcing of safe and sustainable fresh seafood. Where can a savvy consumer obtain the very best in seafood locally?

Chef Andrew shares some first-cabin insider tips.

Chef Andrew recommends the Santa Barbara Fisherman’s Market (Saturday morning only), Dory Fleet Fish Market in Newport Beach, San Pedro Fish Market (opens early Saturday morning @ 3:00 a.m.), and Catalina Offshore Products Fish Market in San Diego.

Show 166, April 2, 2016: “Organic” Seafood with Chef Andrew Gruel

Andrew Gruel at the AM830 KLAA StudiosWhen it comes to fresh seafood the term “Organic” is starting to be thrown around quite regularly as a buzzword. With fish and other seafood what does organic really mean? Are there even accepted standards for using this on a label? We’ll find out…

Our own resident seafood authority, Chef Andrew Gruel, will clear the haze for us on this one.

The United States Department of Agriculture sets the standards in the United States for what “Organic” means. Unfortunately, these standards have not been established for seafood. In other words when you see the label “Organic” on fresh seafood in America it’s meaningless.

Next there is the issue of whether wild caught seafood could ever be labeled organic. Since you can’t control what the fish ate before being caught the answer is “probably not.” Know your seafood supplier…

Most of the seafood we consume in the United States is now safely farm-raised. Can this ever conceptually be organic? Possibly, if the fish is raised on vegetarian, organic feed.


Show 72, May 17, 2014: Charles “Chuck” Watson, Chef de Cuisine, Sheerwater, Hotel del Coronado, Coronado, CA

Sheerwater Restaurant at the Hotel Del CoronadoThe Hotel Del Coronado is California’s premier, classic beachfront hotel dating back to 1888. It represents the pinnacle of luxury from another age.

One of their casual restaurants, with an incredible ocean view, is Sheerwater. The Chef de Cuisine there is Charles “Chuck” Watson.

They pride themselves on using fresh, local, sustainable seafood where possible. Think Mexican prawns and Baja scallops for starters.

All of the fish trimmings at this high volume establishment contribute to the house-specialty cioppino.

Chef Chuck is the culinary liaison at the Del for the SEA + FOOD event on Saturday afternoon, June 7th on the Windsor Lawn. It’s a one-day Pacific coast food festival to remember with delicious local seafood, BBQ from the Lil’ Del BBQ, and libations including craft beers, wines and spirits. Live spirits rhythm and blues music, too.

The Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation to benefit childhood cancer research is the charitable beneficiary.

$100 admission includes tax, gratuities and parking. Adults only, please.
Pet friendly.

Show 72, May 17, 2014: Executive Chef Deborah Schneider, Partner, SOL Cocina, solita and cookbook author

Deborah SchneiderChef Deborah Schneider brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role as Executive Chef and Partner of Mexican restaurants SOL Cocina (Newport Beach & Scottsdale, AZ) and solita (Huntington Beach, CA) Schneider draws upon her rich culinary background and more than 25 years of professional cooking experience to bring the superb tastes and relaxing beach vibe of the Baja Peninsula.

Schneider’s passion for Baja was stoked by countless surf trips down the Peninsula. There, at small street stands and on pristine beaches, she discovered flavorful, healthy cuisine, rich with fresh seafood and inventive preparations that are at the heart of her restaurants.

Chef Deb has just released a second edition of her critically acclaimed first cookbook, Baja! Cooking on the Edge. It features a mixture of authentic recipes and Chef Deb’s own Baja-inspired dishes.

Baja! features more than 150 easy-to-follow recipes, peppered with fantastic stories and images that are as vibrant in color as the dishes are in flavor. Chef Deb explores these different cultural influences of Baja street food – everything from the classic Fish Tacos and Seafood Cocktels, to a wide range of inspired meat-based tacos – chicken, pork, chorizo – and fresh salsas. The uniquely Baja recipes featured includes delights like Clams in Tequila Butter, One-Pan Paella, Garlic Cilantro Steak and Chocolate-Jalapeno Truffles.

Chef Deb shares the two essential hints for preparing authentic Baja Fish Tacos.

Sol is soon coming to Playa Vista and solita will launch later this year in Santa Clarita.

Show 56, January 11, 2013: Executive Chef Paul Bartolotta, Bartolotta Ristorante di Mare, Las Vegas. Continues…

Bartollota Ristorante di MareThere is lots more to this fascinating story so Chef Paul Bartolotta of Bartollota Ristorante di Mare at Wynn Las Vegas continues with us.

The concept of the elegant restaurant on two levels with outdoor poolside cabanas is serving the very best of Mediterranean seafood flown in fresh daily from Italy and simply prepared. Through a network of skilled buyers overseas Chef Paul imports a ton and one-half of fresh seafood each week. There is also a live program. Spiny lobsters from Sicily, in season, are in live tanks in the kitchen!

The servers expertly debone the fish at tableside. It’s not unusual to see Paul on the floor touching tables and explaining his dishes.

This is what veteran Las Vegas restaurant journalist Max Jacobson has said about Bartolotta Ristorante di Mare : “The chef is both a fanatic and masterful technician, so expect perfection.”

Show 8, December 8, 2012: Jet Tila

Jet Tila at the Winery in Newport BeachJet grew up working as a deck hand on fishing boats so when it comes to selecting and preparing fish and other seafood Jet has an incredible knowledge base.

First Jet discussed what “fresh” really means when you’re talking about seafood. He also explained what flash freezing on a fishing boat accomplishes in maintaining the absolute freshness of fish. When processed correctly sometimes frozen is actually better than “fresh.”