Show 479, June 18, 2022: Journalist Anne Marie Panoringan, The Voice of OC’s Food Columnist Part Two

Food Journalist Anne Marie Panoringan

Anne Marie Panoringan is Voice of OC’s well-informed food columnist. She reports industry news, current events and trends. The column publishes every other Friday. Anne Marie continues with us.

As part of being in Chicago for the James Beard Foundation’s Media Awards on June 11th Anne Marie explored a bit of Chicago’s vibrant dining scene. She shares her memorable meals at the bar and lounge at Oriole (2 Michelin Stars,) Eleven City Diner (a contemporary take on a Jewish Deli) and the Noble Fat booth for a bao bun at the Green City Farmers Market in Lincoln Park.

In her June 3rd column Anne Marie recounts her participation in a cooking program (MaxLove’s Fierce Foods Academy) geared toward cancer patients and their families, but, along the way, learned how its overall theme is much more universal.


Show 27, May 4, 2013: Lorin Adolph, private chef based in Chicago

Private Chef Lorin AdolphChef Lorin has a very unusual scope of work for an experienced chef. For 22 years he has been the personal chef for a very wealthy businessman who lives in Chicago. You’d know the name…The gentleman also has estates in Malibu and Europe.

Chef Lorin travels with the family and prepares dinner for them wherever in the world they happen to be. It requires absolute discretion and a lot of culinary talent!

Of course Chef Lorin enjoys shopping at the Farmers Markets and is well-known in both Chicago and Santa Monica. It’s his inspiration in planning menus. Lorin had just been to the opening morning of Chicago’s Green City Market’s outdoor season. The report was the winter potatoes and onions were looking good.

Not every meal is foie gras and caviar. A family favorite is a fresh seafood salad, stir-fried rice, and freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies.

Chef Lorin shared some of his favorite dining out spots in Chicago as he’s out often to see what the big time chefs are doing. He’s a fan of Chef Paul Kahan’s Blackbird and The Publican. He also recommends Lula and Nightwood and the restaurants of Chef Bill Kim.