Show 50, November 30, 2013: David LeFevre, Executive Chef & Partner of MB Post and Fishing with Dynamite

Charlie TrotterRemembering Charlie Trotter.

Earlier in the month the food world lost Chef Charlie Trotter who was the first superstar celebrity chef in Chicago and influenced and mentored a network of prominent young chefs who now have their own high profile restaurants in Chicago and other key cities. Charlie Trotter’s (the restaurant) on W. Armitage was known to foodies around the world for his innovative tasting menus and brilliant wine cellar.

Our own David LeFevre, the executive chef & partner of both MB Post and Fishing with Dynamite in Manhattan Beach worked for Charlie over a period of ten years in a couple of stints. David joins us to share memories of the real Charlie Trotter. Fortunately his legacy will live on.

Three luscious tasting menus were available at Charlie Trotter’s. They changed each night. The choices were Vegetables, the Grand Tasting Menu and The Super Grand Tasting Menu showcasing 14 to 20 courses. It wasn’t just a meal…It was an experience.

Charlie’s goal (and it was sincere) was to exceed the diners’ expectations in every possible way!

Show 35, July 13, 2013: Restaurant Impresario Bill Chait

Bill ChaitIf you’re Southern California-based and not familiar with Bill Chait’s name you certainly know the high profile restaurants with prominent chefs in the kitchen he’s behind. In the last few years these include Rivera and Bestia in Downtown L.A., and Sotto, Picca, Short Order and Short Cake (in the Original Farmers Market at Third and Fairfax) with more standout ventures on the way.

Bill started in the mid-80’s with the purchase of the original Louise’s in Brentwood. Bill (with partners) upscaled and branched it into a casual Italian trattoria, multiple-unit operation. He generously credits his later association with the late Mauro Vincenti (Rex) as his platform to his current success. Before the purchase of Louise’s his only experience in the business was as a nighttime pizza delivery guy for Jacopo’s in Beverly Hills.

Bill Chait’s business philosophy is best summed up by a quote he gave to the Los Angeles Times in a prior interview. “The concept of being in business is that you learn much more from your failures than your successes. People have said that, but I’ve lived it.