Show 352, December 21, 2019: Joy of Cooking’s 9th Edition Authors, John Becker & Megan Scott Part Two

John Becker and Megan Scott of the Joy of Cooking“The new edition of Joy of Cooking (2019) has a contemporary voice, informed by culinary tradition, a family’s legacy, an encyclopedic coverage of ingredients and techniques, and an understanding of the science behind the food. For those who remain attached to previous editions of this classic, rest assured that John Becker and Megan Scott have worked to create a seamless marriage of both old and new, striking a considered balance between legacy material and new content without sacrificing any of the beloved personality or sense of history that home cooks have come to know and love from this reliable cookbook.”

“Joy of Cooking remains the gold standard for thoroughly tested recipes, simple and clear directions, and general ease of use for readers. It has been, and continues to be, renowned for its guidance on how to cook virtually everything, maintaining its status as a foolproof instruction manual for both novices and accomplished cooks alike.”

We continue our conversation with the authors of the 9th edition (revised & updated) of Joy of Cooking, John Becker and Megan Scott.