Show 7: November 24, 2012: Eddie Lin Part One

Eddie Lin of Deep End DiningEddie is a funny guy and it comes as no surprise that before he began blogging about truly exotic cuisines (this was even before Andrew Zimmern’s “Bizarre Foods” for Travel Channel was airing) he tried his hand at comedy writing for TV.  The foodie universe is lucky that didn’t work out…

A food that really excites Eddie is the charcuterie at Chef Brendan Collins’s Waterloo & City in Culver City. It’s all, unusually, house-cured.


Show 7: November 24, 2012: Eddie Lin Part Two

Eddie Lin of Deep End DiningEddie’s latest creation for YouTube is the wild, “Kamikaze Kitchen.” It’s a tough chef’s challenge (with no fakery) were an unsuspecting chef is given a mystery ingredient in a bag and then creates the required dish in real time as the cameras follow the action. Chefs Ben Ford, Brendan Collins, and Jet Tila have been willing victims thus far. Chef Jet’s ingredient was fresh alligator head. Jet whipped up gator & waffles as a riff on his signature brunch dish at The Charleston which is chicken & waffles.

Eddie is now contributing a couple of times per week with reviews for the Digest blog at Los Angeles Magazine.