Show 105, January 10, 2015: Logan Levant, author, The Kitchen Decoded

Logan LevantFirst-time cookbook authors and cookware experts Logan Levant (ex-Buttercake Bakery) and Hilary Hattenbach have penned The Kitchen Decoded – Tools, Tricks, and Recipes for Great Food. The handy new book unravels the mystery of home kitchen equipment and saves the home cook countless hours.

The Kitchen Decoded takes the mystery and intimidation out of gadgets and shows how proper cookware can actually streamline the cooking process. The key lies in breaking down the best tools for each task.

Chapters are organized by gadget, and each tool is paired accordingly with instructions and an arsenal of time-tested recipes. Featured equipment ranges from high end tools like the KitchenAid stand mixer to low-tech gadgets like the Microplane and cookie sheets.

Logan Levant, owner of Los Angeles’ famous Buttercake Bakery (now departed) for ten years, spent countless hours showing friends how to use the kitchen tools they received as gifts. With a self-taught passion for cooking and baking, Levant’s tasty recipes made Buttercake the go-to bakery on Los Angeles’ Westside for a decade.

Recipes for many of Buttercake Bakery’s most popular items are in the book including the signature Lemon Bars and Coffee Cake!

Co-author Logan Levant is our helpful guide.