Show 485, July 30, 2022: Maui Culinary & Beverage Highlights with “SoCal Restaurant Show’s” Adam Bell

Adam Bell of dataTV

Our bargain-loving, Social Media and Website authority, Adam Bell, was fortunate enough to spend a few glorious days in Maui in late April and early May. Maui is an ever-popular destination for Californians. Adam was based in Kihei which is near Wailea. Adam previously shared some informative trip highlights including the roundtrip experience on Hawaiian Airlines, the condo option to a hotel and a standout Dinner and Breakfast.

For Adam’s concluding installment it’s the best in Hawaiian coffee and local craft beer (actually brewed in Hawaii.) Also, an overview of food truck parks featuring delicious Island bites prepared with a side of Aloha. Along the way Adam discovered a stationary food truck (Kitoko) unusually operated by a former fine-dining pastry chef from the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea.