Show 257, January 20, 2018: Terry Hanks & Jay Henderson, West Coast Prime Meats’ “Meatheads”

Kobe and Waygu Premium Beef from West Coast Prime MeatsOur resident Meatheads from West Coast Prime Meats, Terry Hanks and Jay Henderson are back with a meaty discussion of Kobe and Waygu Beef. We’ll get the honest 411 on Japanese Kobe (the real deal) and American and Australian Wagyu.

We’ll also find out what the coveted A5 is. Do the well attended-to pampered cattle really get daily massages and drink beer?

Japanese “Kobe” is not widely available in the United States. What we’re talking about is Japanese Wagyu. Japanese Wagyu comes from four breeds – Japanese Black, Japanese Brown, Japanese Shorthorn, Japanese Polled and their crossbreeds.

Japanese Wagyu is tender, has a juicy texture and has delicate yet rich flavors bursting with umami. The beef is so incredibly rich that it’s best appreciated in small portions. It’s a good source of protein and high in iron content. Each serving provides about ten per cent of the recommended daily value of iron.