Show 397, October 31, 2020: Carole Lawson – Founder & CEO of the Craft Wine Association

Carole Lawson of the Craft Wine Association“Established in 2016, is a membership organization that helps the owners, vintners, and winemakers of small production wineries to increase the market for Craft Wine. The association certifies Craft Wineries and sponsors an online marketplace called NxtCrush that directly supports wineries who can sell their certified and distinctly American wine directly to consumers.” is on a mission to make craft wine as available in the marketplace as craft beer and spirits. Carole Lawson is the Founder and CEO of

“After leaving behind her work in the emerging technology sector, working with the likes of Facebook, Google, YouTube and Twitter on behalf of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and a second successful career as the Chief Information Officer for high-profile organizations across multiple states, Carole founded the Craft Wine Association. Using her background in emerging markets, she is working to make Craft Wine, distinctly American wine, as available in the marketplace as craft beer and spirits. Carole is also a Certified Sommelier with the Court of Master Sommeliers.”

Carole provided tantalizing snapshots of Terragena Vineyard & Winery in Humboldt County and Koi Zen Cellars in San Diego who are both Craft Wine Association members operating in the Golden State.