Show 455, December 11, 2021: Saffron with Authors Emily Brooke Sandor and Chef Christina Xenos

Christina Xenos of My Sweet Greek Catering

“Travel to Krokos-Kozanis, Greece to immerse yourself in cooking with saffron and Greece’s vibrant saffron harvest through the pages of this gorgeous, 88-page, full-color travel-cookbooklet (Saffron) collaboration by Photographer, Emily Brooke Sandor, and Greek-American Chef, Christina Xenos. Saffron contains a brief history of saffron, tips on best uses and storage of the spice, 12 lively saffron-forward recipes to inspire the beginner and advanced home cook, and a photography story of the annual saffron harvest in Krokos, one of forty small villages in the town of Kozani, Western Macedonia, Greece.”

“The goals of Saffron (the cookbook) are to demystify what saffron is and also to empower readers to confidently incorporate saffron into their dishes more frequently. The recipes in this cookbooklet are wonderful on their own but they also serve to familiarize the reader with flavors that pair well with saffron.”

Emily Brooke Sandor and Chef Christina Xenos join us with a cup of saffron tea in hand along with a piece of Saffron Star Bread.