Show 524, May 6, 2023: Honoka’a Chocolate Co., Hawaii, with Founder Mike Pollard

Mike Pollard of the Honokoa Chocolate Company

Mike and Rhonda Pollard’s Honoka’a Chocolate Co. is located on the Hamakua coast of the Big Island of Hawai’i at Kahi Ola Mau Farm. Their farm has a rich history in Hamakua district town of Honoka’a. Located mauka (towards Mauna Kea) from Honoka’a in an area known as Ahualoa, the 5 acres the Pollards call home was first purchased by the sugar plantation doctor sometime in the 1920s. They are the fourth resident and keeper of this beautiful property and have transformed it into a working farm.” Two and one-half acres are planted in cacao.

“Starting in January 2018, Honoka’a Chocolate Co. began offering farm tours and tastings of their artisan chocolates that are made right there on the farm. In February of this year most of the production shifted to their new state of the art production facility and retail store on Mamane Street in the heart of Historic Honokaa Town. Honoka’a Chocolate Co has received a total of 29 international awards for their premium chocolates over the last two years.”

“Their current tastings on the farm include five of their signature products, including chocolates from Hawaii as well as other regions from around the world.  Guests will experience how a particular region’s climate, soils and terrain affect the taste of the chocolate, “the terroir” as winemakers have so famously coined the term. The state of Hawai’i is the only place in the US where cacao grows fruitfully, some calling it the “North Pole” of the cacao growing region.” The farm tour at Kahi Ola Mau Farm concludes with a visit to their nearby, new production facility located on the main street of historic Honokaa Town.

Mike Pollard is our guide to some of the best chocolate in the World.