Show 177, June 25, 2016: Patric Kuh, Restaurant Critic, Los Angeles Magazine & Author of Finding the Flavors We Lost. Continues..

Finding the Flavors we Lost by Patric KuhPatric Kuh, in addition to being a writer, is a Paris-trained chef who has worked in preeminent restaurants in France, New York, and California. He has written for Gourmet, Esquire, and and is the author of two previous books, An Available Man and The Last Days of Haute Cuisine: The Coming of Age of American Restaurants.

Kuh is a winner of the James Beard Award for Writing and Literature, and has been nominated for the James Beard MFK Fisher Distinguished Writing Award and the James Beard Award for Magazine Series. He lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife and two children, where he works as a food critic for LA Magazine.

With a deeply personal emphasis on individual people and restaurants and a keen journalistic approach, FINDING THE FLAVORS WE LOST is a funny, personal exploration of what constitutes artisan food as we know it today—and what its future may be.

One of the great (relatively unknown) stories in the book is Nancy Silverton’s (Mozza) travails in perfecting her original recipes and starters for La Brea Bakery in 1988. Nancy had studied with the legendary bread bakers in France but was having difficulties back in Los Angeles adapting American flour to her French-based recipes. Also developing workable measurements for her dough batches was proving challenging. Under the most unlikely of coincidences enter retired bread baker, Izzy Cohen, Nancy’s Angel of the Starter. Izzy also taught Nancy how to make world-class bagels.