Show 238, August 26, 2017: Richard B. Perelman, Publisher & Editor, The Sports Examiner – LA 2028

Rich PerelmanFor the 3rd time The Olympics is returning to Los Angeles in 2028. Did Los Angeles get a good deal for 2028, or just a deal? The person to ask is our resident Olympic Games expert, Richard B. Perelman.

Mr. Perelman was the youngest Vice President of The Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee (LAOOC) from 1980 to 1984. He also was the Editor of The Final Report, a massive 2-volume tome mandated by the IOC officially documenting the Games of the 23rd Olympiad (the 1984 Summer Olympics).

What does Perelman know about preparing Olympic bids? He assisted with the production of the Los Angeles bids for the 2012 and 2016 Games and in the early preparations for the SCCOG’s bid for the 2024 Games. He has no role whatsoever with the LA2024 bid committee (now the LA2028 bid committee.)