Show 365, March 21, 2020: Chef / Proprietress Vanda Asapahu of Ayara Thai, Westchester Part Two

Vanda Asapahu of Ayara Thai CuisineWe’re continuing our interview with Chef / Proprietress Vanda Asapahu of Ayara Thai in Westchester who is the Host Chef for the upcoming 5th Anniversary Masters of Taste benefit at the Rose Bowl. Originally scheduled for Sunday, April 5th it has been necessarily postponed. When that new date is established Chef Vanda will be back with us with all the delectable details. It’s a wonderful, walk-around charity tasting event on the field of the iconic Rose Bowl.

In the meantime Ayara Thai is open for Take-Out and Delivery and would love to serve you. Think Laab Duck with roasted duck breast, lemongrass, sawtooth coriander, scallions, shallots, lime, roasted chili and toasted rice.

“With family recipes and cooking styles passed down through generations, the Asapahu family of Ayara Thai is pleased to offer a taste of authentic Thai food, where quality is never compromised. Using the freshest ingredients, each dish is prepared from scratch and enhanced individually by herbs and spices to ensure the boldest, most genuine flavors.”

Chef Vanda continues with all the tempting To-Go and Delivery menu details.