Show 424, May 8, 2021: Co-Host Chef Andrew Gruel of the Slapfish Restaurant Group with “Ask the Chef”

Andy Harris and Andrew Gruel at Cabana 14 at the Cove at Pechanga Resort and Casino

Our own Chef Andrew Gruel of the Slapfish Restaurant Group provides another timely and informative “Ask the Chef” segment where Chef Andrew responds to listeners thoughtful inquiries. Chef Andrew is continually updating us on the real impact of the Covid-19 crisis in the hospitality field and what we, as diners, can do to support the very survival of restaurants during the initial, highly fluid stages of the hoped-for recovery which remains a genuine concern. Restaurants in Southern California are finally again allowed to operate for outside/patio dining and inside dining at reduced capacities with all the requisite COVID 19 safety precautions.

Shifting the conversation back to food and the hospitality business we also ask Chef Andrew about the increasing practice of full-service restaurants adding a partial or full gratuity to the guest’s check in advance of the payment regardless of the number of guests dining. We’ve observed an extra 4 per cent being added on as a contribution to staff health premiums as well as a full 16 per cent gratuity (pre-tax.)

Next week we’ll talk about the current labor shortage as restaurants are reopening for service. Staff is needed for both front and back of the house.

Remember the juicy and delicious Community Burger (more than a mouthful) is available at all Southern California locations of Slapfish. The worthy burger is free with any donation to 86 Restaurant Struggle.” 100 per cent of that money goes to benefit struggling restaurant workers.


Show 153, January 2, 2016: Chef Andrew Gruel, Co-host & Founder, Slapfish Restaurant Group

Andrew Gruel at the AM830 KLAA StudiosIt’s the New Year so Executive Producer Andy Harris and Chef Andrew Gruel would be remiss in not taking a brief look back at 2015 and then looking ahead to 2016 in the active hospitality sphere. It’s been a big year.

There are some major issues hanging over this universe including the possible elimination of tipping pioneered by Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group and a labor shortage in the back-of-the-house.

Also an update on the long-delayed California Dungeness Crab season. The latest is that there are certain fisheries in Southern California where Dungeness Crab can now be harvested. The authorities advise to enjoy the body meat only and avoid the entrails. Until this is all resolved with certainty Chef Andrew is substituting other fresh crab varieties in his restaurants just to be absolutely safe.