Show 65, March 15, 2014: Host Jet Tila and Producer Andy Harris

Chef Jet and Producer Andy preview the show.

Heritage breed pigs are the talk of in-the-know chefs these days. We’ll meet the enterprising husband & wife couple behind Cook Pigs Ranch, a noted local producer of “farm to table heritage pigs.” You’ll also learn the intriguing story of a former Bouchon Beverly Hills chef who is soon to open an ambitious artisan butcher shop utilizing Old-World techniques in Santa Ana.

We’re journeying to San Diego where an energetic new executive chef is taking a San Diego seafood classic to a higher level with nightly changing tasting menus that are paired with boutique premium wines. The meals are, surprisingly, served with an incredible view of the bay.

We’re nuts about coffee on the “SoCal Restaurant Show.” So are our friends at the chef-driven Bruxie, the Belgian waffle sandwich guys. After a lot of research they have recently introduced their own “Bold Blend” custom crafted coffee. It’s a proprietary four-bean blend.

Los Angeles has a new food event with celebrity master chefs. It’s the All-Star Chef Classic at L.A. Live. We’ll have a preview.

High-end Tasting Menus at rarified fine-dining establishments are getting a lot of attention. Chef Jet and Producer Andy will be talking about Eater’s14 Most Expensive Tasting Menus in America.”

All of this and lots more incredible deliciousness on Saturday’s show!

Show 19, March 2, 2013: Brock Radke, Food and Web Editor for Las Vegas Weekly

Brock Radke of Las Vegas WeeklyInspired by Bon Appetit’s newly announced 20 Most Important Restaurants in America, Brock compiled his own list for Las Vegas. He joined us to discuss his picks.

The listing was originally prepared for the online version of Las Vegas Weekly. The piece proved so popular that Brock has freshened the article and added restaurant rankings in order of 1 to 20. This will appear in a future issue and we’ll have Brock back to speak about it.

His pick for classic Las Vegas fine-dining is Picasso at The Bellagio opened with the property back in 1998. Founding chef Julian Serrano remains at the helm and the room is decorated with authentic Picassos. An only in Las Vegas experience…