Show 97, November 15, 2014: Thanksgiving Cooking Tips with Chef Noah Blom

Marin Howarth and Executive Chef Noah BlomIn his formative years Chef Noah worked in some incredible restaurants including Restaurant Daniel in Manhattan. He also opened restaurants for Laurent Tourendel. In Orange County, before he started ARC, he was part of the culinary team at Mesa.

With the high pressure Thanksgiving Holiday ahead he has some great practical tips to make your Thanksgiving less stressful and more delicious. Chef Noah talks about selecting the bird and various proven cooking techniques. He also explains what a Heritage Turkey is. What should you do with the cranberries? Chef Noah has the answer there, too.

Chef Noah’s wife and partner, Marin Howarth, runs the front-of-the house at ARC.

Thanksgiving is one of only three days in the year ARC is closed. Chef Noah and Marin host a private Thanksgiving meal in the restaurant for their staff and extended ARC family.