Show 297, November 10, 2018: Winemaker Anthony King, General Manager, The Carlton Winemakers Studio, Willamette Valley

Anthony KingLocated in the heart of the Willamette Valley in the charming wine-village of Carlton, the Carlton Winemakers Studio is a cooperative winery where numerous winemakers (currently 15) craft premium Oregon wines in one shared space. It has a storied history as a home and launchpad for some of the most groundbreaking wines in the Pacific Northwest.

It was the vision of its founding partners, Eric Hamacher (Hamacher Wines,) Luisa Ponzi (Ponzi Vineyards,) and Ned & Kristen Lumpkin (Lazy River Vineyard) to provide a location for high-quality winemaking in an efficient, economical and highly collaborative environment.

Guests can visit their state-of-the-art tasting room where you can taste (and buy) a representative sampling of the Carlton Winemakers Studio wines and learn about the unique and charming stories behind each label.

GM Anthony King came to the Carlton Winemakers Studio in 2015, after eight years as winemaker at Lemelson Vineyards, with the express intent to continue to learn his craft. “The Studio offers a rare opportunity to continue to challenge your own assumptions, see fruit from across the Valley and beyond, and work alongside some of the best winemakers in the world.” he explains.

“Ratio is not intended for growth. It is small and will continue to remain so. It is a conduit for King’s ongoing attempt to understand and hone his ability to express the place and make wines that are both individual and worthy of praise within the context of wines from anywhere in the world.”

Winemaker Anthony King (Ratio:Wines) is also the General Manager for Carlton. He pulls the cork for us.