Show 551, November 11, 2023: Chopsticks on Pho, Surrey, BC with Proprietors Steven Lee and Lynn Le

Steven Lee and Lynn Le of Chopsticks on Pho

Steven Lee and Lynn Le are the proprietors of Chopsticks on Pho – Vietnamese Noodle House located in Surrey, British Columbia and celebrating their 11th anniversary this year. We were recently there as guests of Discover Surrey

“Born and raised from two different parts of Vietnam, North and South, Steven and Lynn fled the country by boats with their parents and siblings at a young age. Deeply grateful for the love and care of their new homeland, Canada, they settled in. As fate had, perhaps, already written, they met each other one day in the beautiful yet cold city of Edmonton, Alberta.”

“When they first met, Steven was a college student and Lynn was a high school teenager. He asked “What is your passion?” She replied, “People and food.” Steven nodded, “me too! and what is your dream?” Lynn answered, “Well, growing up in my mother’s kitchen and truly inspired by her cooking, I would love to run my own restaurant someday”.

“Almost two decades later together as a couple going through life, schooling, jobs, and now as parents with two little ones at the ages of four and two years old, Steven looked at Lynn and said, “ It’s time that you go after your dream! ”

“And so Chopsticks on Pho – A Vietnamese Noodle House was born.” They are widely known for their Curry Pho, and Lemongrass Chicken and BBQ Pork Banh Mi Sandwiches that come with a rich dipping broth. Chopsticks on Pho has just introduced a line of premium jarred Curry Pho Sauces (Vegan, Chicken and Beef) along with their signature O-Peanut Sauce. “All you need is love and yummy sauces.”

Steven and Lynn join us to share their realized dream.