Show 158, February 6, 2016: Andrew Aoun, Corporate Wine & Spirits Manager, Taps Fish House & Brewery, The Catch and Lillie’s Q. Continues…

Andrew AnunTaps is known for their long-history of brewing award winning craft beers but they also want to elevate the rest of their bar program. There is a new emphasis on freshness and quality ingredients.

All mixers and juices are prepared fresh. Even the Grenadine is made in-house. Big difference in flavor.

The well spirits have been elevated, too. No low end spirits in the well. All premium labels. For instance, George Dickel Rye is the whiskey in the well.

A new cocktail is the Pineapple Under The Sea. It’s made with Absolut Elyx Vodka and Corruba Coconut Rum. It’s served in an eye-catching copper Pineapple. Going to be hard to hang on to those.

The show-stopper is the Lime In The Coconut with Corruba Coconut Rum and Selvarey Cocoa Rum. It’s prepared tableside in dramatic fashion. It’s frozen “Mad Scientist”-style with liquid nitrogen and served in a coconut shell.