Show 54, December 28, 2013: Brock Radke, Food Editor, Las Vegas Weekly

Brock Radke of Las Vegas WeeklyIf you’re looking for big action on New Year’s Eve then Las Vegas is always a festive party with real fireworks. Our ultimate insider in Las Vegas, Brock Radke, joins us to talk about the newly launched Container Park development in Downtown (with unusual shops and restaurants) along with a couple of suggestions for great New Year’s Eve dining. Brock is the Food Editor for Las Vegas Weekly.

Catch Brock’s special year-end column in Las Vegas Weekly on-line naming his 13 best new restaurants in Las Vegas for 2013. The intriguing selections are both on and off The Strip!

One hint…His top choice is Tom Colicchio’s Heritage Steak at The Mirage.

Show 54, December 28, 2013: Host Chef Jet Tila and Producer Andy Harris on Food Trends for 2014 Part One

Thinking about Food Trends for 2014 ? We have…Just for fun Chef Jet and Producer Andy have put together their lists of Top Trends in Food for the New Year.

Each developed their list of “Top Five” without consulting the other. Also the items were not discussed between Chef Jet and Producer Andy before air. That’s live radio… Definitely a few surprises….

Eat Clean with a Gluten Free MenuJet’s top item is “Gluten-Free” is here to stay. For whatever reasons diners are becoming more sensitive to gluten in their foods. Savvy Restaurants need to be aware of this and increase their gluten-free menu options.

Producer Andy’s top trend was fine-dining restaurants developing more casual concepts which retain the food quality of fine dining but are more affordable. These are spots that diners can enjoy multiple times per week.