Show 72, May 17, 2014: Chef Mike Minor of the Truck-U Barbeque rolling grill, Las Vegas

Mike Minor of Truck U Barbecue in Las VegasWhen we last visited Las Vegas Chef Mike Minor (ex-Executive Chef at Border Grill) he was just about to launch his Truck-U Barbeque there. Now that the rolling grill is on the road and serving guests we’ll get the meaty update…

The truck itself was designed by HGTV star Luca Paganico.

Chef Mike calls it “meat candy on wheels.” The food is Mexican with a Southern twist.

Look for standouts including the Short Rib Enchiladas, Texas Brisket, and the Chipotle Fried Chicken. How about Maple Bacon Churros…? Ask about the one pound Dinosaur Bone!

You can find Chef Mike at every “First Friday” in Downtown Las Vegas. It’s a lively scene that brings Downtown culture alive with local food, art, and music.