Show 20, March 9, 2013: Jet Tila

Berns Steak House in TampaJet was in Tampa last week speaking the key note at a food service conference. While he was there he had a chance to sample some of the local cuisine.

He had  the opportunity to experience the classic, Family-owned steakhouse there, Bern’s Streak House. 55 years and counting.

He also was on the hunt for the locals’ favorite cubano which originated in Tampa. The secret is in the bread


Show 13, January 19, 2013: Rahul Aggarwal, Director & Founder–Trip Feast

One of the highlights of visiting the 8th Annual Travel & Adventure Show in Long Beach on January 13th was stumbling across Trip Feast, who was exhibiting there. They are based in London. The boutique firm organizes small group tours with a insider’s culinary twist.

You actually cook with chefs from the visited country learning the secrets of the local cuisine.  You can even dine in small groups at the homes of locals.

Food and drink is very much an integral part of the travel experience and Trip Feast visits countries with a rich culinary heritage.

Featured countries (with new stops in development) are India, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, China, Mexico, South Africa, Portugal, Ireland, Serbia, Morocco, and Lebanon.