Show 277, June 16, 2018: Noelle Carter, Test Kitchen Director, Los Angeles Times

Noelle CarterThe iconic Test Kitchen located at the historic Los Angeles Times building in Downtown Los Angeles is truly a wonder. It was built, state-of-the-art, in 2000 when that floor was extensively remodeled after the paper’s printing presses were moved to a new production facility on Olympic Blvd. It’s a space steeped in local history.

With the consolidation in the media over the years very few newspapers or magazines maintain Test Kitchens. They are costly to operate. Fortunately the Times’ Test Kitchen endures.

Every recipe appearing on the Times’ Website or in print has been thoroughly tested to work in a home kitchen. The accompanying photos always show the finished result of that actual recipe. That’s their unqualified promise!

The Test Kitchen Director, Noelle Carter, is our enthusiastic guide.