Show 233, July 22, 2017: Olympic Historian Richard B. Perelman, Editor & Publisher – The Sports Examiner

Rich PerelmanIf all the hush-hush, closed-door negotiations between The International Olympic Committee (IOC), Paris and Los Angeles go well Los Angeles will host the Olympics again for the 3rd time in either 2024 or 2028. What does it all mean? Can a modern Olympics even break-even for the host city?

Our Olympics expert and historian, Richard B. Perelman, joins us with a true insider’s perspective. Rich was the youngest Vice President of the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee (LAOOC) for the 1984 Games and also was the Editor of the 1984 Olympic Games Final Report, a massive two-volume book.

In his daily e-newsletter, The Sports Examiner, Perelman suggested the simultaneous dual city awards for 2024 and 2028 (and the reasoning for this unprecedented approach) weeks before it was reported on in the mainstream media as even a possibility for the IOC to consider.

Rich will encore with us in September with analysis & commentary after the IOC announces their final selections of Host Cities (and order) for the Games in 2024 and 2028. This includes which City (Paris or Los Angeles) is awarded 2024 and then 2028’s Host City.


Show 229, June 24, 2017: Executive Chef / Proprietor Steve Samson, Rossoblu, City Market South Continues…

Steve Samson of Sotto and RossobluRossoblu celebrates Chef / Proprietor Steve Samson’s two home cities, Los Angeles and Bologna, Italy. The menu features house-made salumi, soulful pastas, market produce, and wood grilled fish and meats.

Located in downtown’s City Market South, the site of Los Angeles’s original produce market, Rossoblu’s vaulted dining room and open kitchen create a festive dining environment. The restaurant’s private outdoor piazza allows al fresco diners to feel far removed from the nearby city bustle. An intimate basement wine cellar can be reserved for private parties.



Show 211, February 18, 2017: 2017 James Beard Foundation Awards – Announcement of Restaurant and Chef Semifinalists

James Beard AwardsThis past week the 2017 James Beard Foundation Awards Restaurant and Chef Semifinalists were announced. Congratulations to all the California Semifinalists. On March 15th The Foundation will announce the Final Nominations in all categories at a breakfast press conference at a.o.c restaurant in Los Angeles. This is the first time in the 27-year history of The Awards that the Final Nominations will be announced in Los Angeles.

A tip of the toque to Chef Curtis Stone on the Semifinalist Nomination for Gwen for Best New Restaurant, Caroline Styne on the Semifinalist Nomination for Outstanding Restaurateur, Marche Moderne for the Semifinalist Nomination for Outstanding Service and Studio at Montage, Laguna Beach for the Semifinalist Nomination for Outstanding Wine Program.

Best wishes to all!


Show 185, August 20, 2016: Remembering Chef Michel Richard with Food Journalist & Author, Russ Parsons

Michel RichardIn the late 80s one of the most prominent chef – pioneers in Los Angeles was Michel Richard of Citrus. He was an amiable, larger-than-life culinary personality. Sadly he left us on August 13th.

Chef Michel opened a branch of Citronelle in Georgetown in 1993 and became a prominent figure on the Washington, D.C. culinary scene. It was his later home base.

Russ Parsons (the former, long-time Food Editor at The Los Angeles Times) knew him well. Russ joins us for a remembrance.

Russ Parsons and Michel RichardFrom Russ Parsons in the Los Angeles Times, November 1, 2006 :

“Every cook has his chef — someone they look up to above all others — and for almost 20 years (and even beyond, it turns out), Michel has been mine. I am not alone in this. He is regarded by his peers as a chef’s chef–an endless and generous source of new ideas and techniques. When Thomas Keller wrote his foreword to Michel’s new book, Happy in the Kitchen,” he titled it “Why Didn’t I Think of That?””

“It has been my terrific fortune to know a lot of really talented chefs over the years. Some have a wonderful innate sense of flavor. Some have a jeweler’s eye when it comes to presentation. Some can play technical tricks that make you gasp. Michel combines all three along with wit and intelligence.”

“I used to tease Michel that if someone told him he was the best chef in Los Angeles, he’d ask, “What about California?” If they said California, he’d ask, “What about the United States?” And so on. Even if someone told him he was the best chef in the world, he’d ask, “What if there are restaurants on other planets?””

In closing Russ observes that Chef Michel’s Happy in the Kitchen stands the test of time. It’s a beautiful book with gorgeous photos. He enthusiastically recommends it for every home cook’s library.


Show 123, May 23, 2015: Ment’or BKB Foundation’s Young Chef Competition

Krystyn Navarro and Daniel BouludKrystyn Navarro is the Chef de Partie at Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Beverly Hills. Last year she won the New Orleans competition for the prestigious Ment’or BKB Foundation’s Young Chef Competition Series. She is currently completing her stagiaire at [One] in Chapel Hill, NC. The nationally prominent Co-Executive Chefs there are Kim Floresca and Daniel Ryan.

Applications (due by June 1st) are now open for the 2015 competitions in Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston and New York City.

The Los Angeles competition is set for August 27th, 2015.

“Ment’or BKB Foundation is proud to host our 2nd annual Young Chef Competition series, designed to help find up and coming culinary leaders, identify future ambassadors for the culinary arts, and showcase the skill level and cuisine in America. These public competitions will take place in four different cities across the country. Young cooks will be asked to demonstrate their technical skills and creativity in a spirited and challenging contest.”

All chefs ages 22-27 who are currently eligible to work in the Unites States, and have at least 3 years of work experience, are invited to apply for the 2015 Young Chef Competition Series on the ment’or website.

Each 1st place team will receive a $10,000 prize, which the candidate may use towards a stage.

Krystyn Navarro joins us with all the needed 411.


Show 109, February 7, 2015: Executive Chef Jason McClain, Jonathan Club

Jason McClain of the Jonathan ClubChef Jason McClain is the executive chef of the storied Jonathan Club, a very exclusive private club in Los Angeles established in 1894 with a rich history. He’s been an executive chef with The Four Seasons, the exec at Pechanga Resort & Casino, and has owned his own restaurants.

The Jonathan Club’s main building is located in Downtown Los Angeles with a second facility, the Jonathan Beach Club (established in 1927) located on the sand in Santa Monica. A prestigious social club at this level needs to have outstanding food and beverage as an amenity for their discerning members.

Chef McClain will take us behind the scenes on what resources and imagination he uses to fulfill this promise. He likes to say (with a dash of humor) he’s responsible for “the best restaurant in Downtown that no one knows about.”

One small example of his commitment to quality is his urban rooftop garden positioned on a former handball court where seasonally they grow heirloom tomatoes, broccolini, baby carrots, blueberries, figs, snap peas and yuzu. All the fruits and vegetables find their way onto the Club’s menu. This represents over $100,000 in produce annually. It helps that Chef Jason’s father is a retired landscape architect and could creatively bring the rooftop garden project in on a modest budget.


Show 103, December 27, 2014: Brad A. Johnson, Restaurant Critic, Orange County Register Part Two

Photography by Brad A JohnsonIn mid-October Brad A. Johnson penned an intriguing piece for The Orange County Register about the arrival of the new Italian cuisine. The title of the piece is “This isn’t your father’s pasta: The future of Italian cuisine has arrived.” He characterizes it as “nothing short of a revolution.”

We’ll hear about this movement from Johnson along with the restaurants in Los Angeles and Orange County who are part of this exciting new wave.


Show 90, September 27, 2014: LUCKYRICE Night Market at The Cosmopolitan

Luckyrice Night MarketDanielle Chang, the founder of the series of LUCKYRICE Night Markets staged across the country, is back with us to preview the upcoming Las Vegas evening at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas set for Saturday, October 4th.

In 2014 LUCKYRICE has already visited New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

“The LUCKYRICE Night Market at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas brings the flavors and sensations of Asian markets from Taiwan to Thailand to the Boulevard Pool. Join celebrity chefs from across the U.S. and Las Vegas as we recreate the celebratory chaos and delicious energy of the quintessential Asian night market experience with a distinctly cosmopolitan flavor.”


Show 86, August 30, 2014: Cooking Channel’s Chef Nadia G.

Nadia GChef-comedienne Nadia G. is widely known as the creator and host of Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchen,” a brand defining series for Cooking Channel and the first ever online show to successfully transition from the internet to primetime. She also hosts an original online design series, “Sick Kitchens,” and is the author of two bestselling cookbooks.

Her new primetime Cooking Channel series is Bite This.” It’s a fusion of food, travel and comedy following Nadia as she travels the nation featuring the coolest chefs and finding hidden gems and signature flavors in each city – from Los Angeles to Harlem and the Bronx, to Louisville to Nashville, Chicago, The Hamptons, Silicon Valley and more.

The always unpredictable Nadia G. (who also plays guitar) is our guest.