Show 149, December 5, 2015: MOTAC’s “Oh James! Imbibing 007”

Linda CivitelloThe Museum of the America Cocktail is shaking it up once again with their provocative December 15th evening at Faith & Flower in Downtown Los Angeles. The program is “Oh, James! Imbibing 007.”

From aphrodisiacs to villain concoctions, alcohol abounds in the James Bond books and movies. Dive into bitter, sweet, rocks, and neat with food historian Linda Civitello, author of Cuisine and Culture: A History of Food and People. Whether you like your martinis shaken, stirred, or dirty, come get your Bond on with The Museum of the American Cocktail and the evening’s Drinkmaster, Edwin Osegueda of Faith & Flower.

Admission includes four Bond-inspired cocktails, gourmet appetizers and dessert.

Ms. Civitello has been on the faculty of culinary schools throughout Southern California, appeared on TV and radio, and cooks professionally. You can hear her audio tour about food and art at The Getty Museum.


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Show 68, April 5, 2014: Lesley Jacobs Solmonson, author of Gin: A Global History

Lesley Jacobs SolmonsonThe Museum of the American Cocktail (based in New Orleans) is kicking off their “Touring the Cocktail Series” in Los Angeles with Lesley Jacobs Solmonson, the author of Gin: A Global History. She also is the food and cocktail columnist at LA Weekly. The provocative program is “A History of Gin in Five Cocktails.”

Gin is the undisputed king of cocktail spirits. Built upon a neutral spirit base, great gin is a symphony of juniper, spices, botanicals, and citrus.

Five signature gin cocktails will be available for sampling that evening. It’s set for Monday, April 7th at Dominick’s Restaurant in West Hollywood.