Show 128, June 27, 2015: Robert Schueller, Melissa’s World Variety Produce Continues…

Robert Schueller of Melissa's World Variety ProduceThe bounty of the very best in California summer produce is now available. Who better to give us all the juicy details than the incomparable Robert Schueller, the Prince of Produce at Melissa’s World Variety Produce. Just try and stump him on a fruit or vegetable question! Not easy…

For openers we’ll be chatting about Masumoto Peaches and Nectarines, Harry’s Berry’s Strawberries, Organic Plum Bites and Back Apricots.

Grape season is upon us. Think Muscato, Cotton Candy, Champagne and, something new, Jelly Drops Grapes. More to come with Robert on grapes in late July.

How do you select a ripe melon in your favorite produce aisle? Robert has the wisdom…It’s really not about tapping or shaking the melon unless you possibly need the exercise.



Show 78, July 5, 2014: Tal Ronnen, founder and executive chef of Crossroads restaurant, Los Angeles Part Two

Jet Tila Sunday Supper at Crossroads KitchenOn June 29th Jet cooked a sold-out Sunday Supper at Crossroads.

Jet adapted his signature Drunken Noodles (Giada De Laurentis’ favorite) for the evening substituting tofu for pork. The dish earned high praise from the guests.

The Featured Cocktail was Mekhong Smoke. It’s Mekhong rum, mescal, thai basil, tamari salt and blistered shishito pepper.

Tal revealed some of the secrets of his wildly popular Caesar salad dressing which replaces the anchovies and egg with plant based ingredients. Think miso (bean paste) and capers…

The new Summer menu has just arrived at Crossroads. Look for melon, okra, and corn.