Show 342, September 28, 2019: Executive Chef / Proprietor Eric Bost of auburn

Chef Eric Bost of Auburn in Los Angeles on Melrose“Chef Eric Bost’s (République, Guy Savoy, Alain Ducasse) debut restaurant, auburn, juxtaposes the higher echelon of traditional fine dining with an emphasis on guest exploration and conviviality while paying homage to Los Angeles’ uninhibited culinary identity in a space designed with honest materials by local makers.”

“The menu is based on a unique perspective of a multiple course format, built around guest liberty and the absence of strict rules. Diners are encouraged to guide their own experience, allowing freedom and flexibility, while stripping away formality. In contrast to our main dining menu, the bar offers a fully à la carte selection, maintaining the same culinary philosophy while contributing an entirely different way to enjoy auburn.”

We gently pull Chef Eric away from his busy kitchen for a chat.

Show 279, June 30, 2018: Chef Curtis Stone, Maude, Gwen and SHARE by Curtis Stone

Curtis StoneRealizing a lifelong dream, Chef Curtis Stone opened his first solo restaurant, Maude (Beverly Hills, CA), in February 2014. Affectionately named after his late paternal grandmother, the restaurant pays homage to Curtis’ first culinary mentor whose sensibilities are resonant throughout the restaurant experience.

The menu at Maude is a set multi-course chef’s tasting menu that is created around one of the world’s great wine regions. Maude’s “menu-less” format and intimate 24-seat dining room and open kitchen chef’s counter, invites guests to put their trust into the hands of the chef.

Chef Curtis is our guest to discuss the next wine region, The Central Coast, on Maude’s menu.

Show 20, March 9, 2013: Jason Quinn, Executive Chef and Owner of Playground & Playground 2.0 in Santa Ana Part Two

Playground DTSA in Santa AnaJason’s newest project is Playground 2.0 located on the walking street side of Playground. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights Jason is offering IO (invitation only.)

You need to be invited by a Playground server to be able to dine at the 17-seat IO.

It’s an incredible, multi-course extravaganza of rare and unusual ingredients. Jason, and his chefs cook everything right in front of you as well as provide entertaining commentary.

His sommelier Rhett Butler pairs every bite with a special libation. These intriguing pairings include spirits, beer, sake and wine.

Kevin Eats” is a well-known food blogger who Jet Tila respects for his honesty. He pays for every meal he writes about. Producer Andy dined at IO at Playground 2.0 on March 7th. “Kevin Eats” was also a guest that night.

His superb, course-by-course posting of the meal with photos is available here. By all means give it a read!

Show 13, January 12, 2013: Chef Javier Plascencia of Mision 19, Tijuana’s superstar celebrity chef and culinary goodwill ambassador for the food and wines of Northern Baja.

Javier PlascenciaOn Monday evening at Romesco in Bonita, CA  Chef Javier and, his colleagues, the brightest culinary stars of N. Baja are presenting a multi-course meal to benefit the San Diego Chapter of The American Institute of Wine and Food.

Two of Baja’s most acclaimed winemakers will also be there to present their wines with the meal. This includes Hugo D’Acosta who is known as the Robert Mondavi of Mexico as well as Philip Gregory (a former Angeleno) of Vena Cava in Valle de Guadalupe.

Show 12, January 5, 2013: Linda Kissam, Food, Wine & Travel Journalist, First Vice President of International, Food, Wine, and Travel Writers Association

Linda is a well-traveled, travel writer who appreciates food and wine. In 2012 she was probably on the road more days than she was home.

Linda will be part of a travel writers’ panel on Sunday afternoon, Jan. 13th on the Culinary Stage at the 8th Annual Travel & Adventure Show at the Long Beach Convention Center. Discount tickets @ the Travel and Adventure Show Website if you use Promo Code – LAMEM1

Linda shared a great tip for understanding the food culture of a new place she visits. To get a feel for the food she books herself on a food walking tour of the area. (Some of these tours are also done by van depending on the geography and the distances involved.) These tours are typically conducted by locals who really care about representing their communities properly. The restaurants are delighted to welcome new guests and aim to impress.

In the L.A. area Linda recommends Melting Pot Food Tours. Linda has previously enjoyed their excursions into Old Pasadena and East Los Angeles.

The highlight of Linda’s travels last year was a foodie foraging outing and dinner in Bellingham, Washington. The group, working with a wilderness guide, worked in a nearby forest that morning to gather edible ingredients. The collection of edibles was delivered to Ciao Thyme restaurant in Bellingham. The owner/chefs there then created a superb multi-course repast from the raw ingredients. Pretty incredible…