Show 498, November 5, 2022: Jason Moore, Winemaker & Founding Partner, Modus Operandi Cellars, St. Helena, Napa Valley Part One

Jason Moore of Modus Operandi Cellars

Jason Moore is the winemaker and founding partner of Modus Operandi Cellars (2004) in the Napa Valley, a limited production boutique winery.

“For Jason wine is one of those things that to many people can incite a tremendous amount of feelings and emotions. Wine is enchanting and mysterious, gives joy, confuses, and inspires. In many cases, these complexities lead to a love which leads to a strong passion for wine. For Jason it lead to founding Modus Operandi Cellars.”

From Jason Moore –“I have to pinch myself almost daily as I am truly living my dream… the dream of being a Winemaker in California. Growing up in Dallas, Winemaker wasn’t exactly the most obvious career path that springs to mind, but at the age of 24 and after working as a waiter in several of the city’s finest restaurants, acquiring a love for all things wine, getting the go-ahead from my bride to be, and selling everything that we owned, we were off to California where, yes, I had the lofty aspiration of becoming a Winemaker.”

“Completely self-taught thru diligent self-study and the utilization of winemaking mentors, I knew that true learning when it comes to such a stylistically artistic, yet mind blowing organic and mystifying thing such as winemaking, can ONLY be accomplished through MAKING WINE. There is absolutely no substitute. I honed my craft in the garage of an elderly vineyard owner in Napa. He grew the grapes, I made the wine, and we split the product on bottling day.”

“In 2004 at the age of 26, I officially started my professional career by launching Modus Operandi Cellars with 200 cases of Napa Cabernet. I am so thankful to God that at such a young age I found my passion and am fortunate enough to be able to enjoy it as a career. I believe that winemaking is an art form that is supported by science, however a solid conceptual understanding of the science is also necessary.”

Three premium Modus Operandi Cellars tasting experiences are available including two St. Helena winery tastings and an interactive, at-home tasting.

Winemaker Jason Moore joins us to pull the cork on all that is Modus Operandi Cellars.