Show 144, October 31, 2015: Co-Host Chef Andrew Gruel, Slapfish

Andrew GruelOur regular Guest Host, Chef Andrew Gruel of Slapfish, has some musings for us. He’s our resident seafood authority.

We’re going to be talking about encouraging the revival of the California White Seabass and what’s being done locally to assist nature. It’s a popular sports fish for local anglers.

This effort with California White Seabass is all part of the State of California’s Ocean Resources Enhancement and Hatchery Program.

In Marina del Rey the Marina del Rey Anglers raised juvenile fish in pens over a 3-month period and then released them into the sea. This season they raised some 6,000 California White Seabass. It’s an all-volunteer effort. The Marina is one of the State’s 10 official “growout” sites.