Show 125, June 6, 2015: Chef Andrew Gruel of Slapfish

Andrew GruelOne of the hottest topics in the hospitality business right now is the impact of Social Media and online reviews on restaurants. Social media, both positive and negative, can actually have a greater influence on guest counts than a conventional print review. Social Media can also have a longer shelf life (and more impact) than a print restaurant review.

Our own Chef Andrew Gruel of Slapfish is an authority on the impact of Social Media on restaurants and how to best orchestrate this. That’s actually one of the key reasons he was cast as the co-host of his new FYI series, Say It To My Face.” Chef Andrew will discuss Social Media, how it affects restaurants and the obligations the restaurant-goer has in this new realm.

He reads, and responds, to every on-line review of Slapfish. Chef Andrew also personally answers other Social Media postings as appropriate.

He advises fellow restaurateurs to especially keep a cool head in responding to Social Media. It’s not personal…