Show 135, August 22, 2015: Executive Chef Jesse Barber, The Dudley Market, Venice

Jesse Barber of Dudley MarketAs Executive Chef at Venice’s Barnyard, Jesse Barber was known for his simple, honest food and ingredient-driven menu. In his newest venture, Dudley Market, Barber looks to continue his practice of utilizing local, seasonally fresh ingredients, maintaining the strong relationships with the farmers and purveyors he has worked closely with over the past few years.

Barber is inspired by the unique and vibrant Venice community, “Food is one of the most important connections between people and I hope to create lasting relationships with neighbors, friends, farms and local vendors.”

“The idea is simple, bring the community we know and love the everyday luxury it deserves. Our motivation is rooted in our obsession for outstanding quality and ethics in everything we procure. Using the tastiest ingredients and through detailed preparation we strive to turn what could be a daily routine into an unforgettable experience. We’ve pulled-back the curtain by introducing our community to our growers, artisans, and wine makers, inviting everyone to participate in the conversation and enjoy the results of what we find to be a very gratifying process.”

Local is part of the intriguing wine program, too. The emphasis is on small, relatively unknown California producers of limited production organic wines.

Dudley Market is open for Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch and Dinner.


Show 134, August 8, 2015: Kyle Meyer, Co-Proprietor, The Wine Exchange

Kyle Meyer of Wine ExchangeIt’s time to talk wine again with our resident authority Kyle Meyer, the Co-proprietor of The Wine Exchange in Santa Ana. There are a lot of obscure “green” terms being used in marketing wine these days. You have organic, sustainable and biodynamic being used. What’s the difference between an organic and biodynamic wine anyway ? Also, what is skin contact and dry farmed when it comes to wine ?

Organic and biodynamic wines tend to be more expensive because there is more labor and time involved in the process of growing the grapes and creating the wine..

Kyle, a pleasantly regular fellow, will enthusiastically share with us what we really need to know “about being green” when it comes to wine in understandable English.

Kyle explains that dry farming is already the rule of law in the European Union.