Show 284, August 4, 2018: Angel Stadium’s Executive Chef Robert Biebrich and Pastry Chef Tracy Felipe Continue…

Robert BiebrichWe’re continuing with our mid-season report on the winning food and beverage lineup at Angel Stadium with Executive Chef Robert Biebrich. Also participating is Pastry Chef Tracy Felipe.

Time for dessert. Tracy works with a staff of 13 pastry cooks.

Tracy gives us the 411 on the ever-popular Celebration Cake.

We’re also talking Smores Parfaits and house-made Donuts with a revolving selection of tempting flavors.

Virtually all the decadent desserts are prepared in-house which is highly unusual for a sports venue. There just isn’t the space available to do the massive quantities of gelato needed in-house so it’s prepared to Halo specs by a respected artisan gelato company.