Show 324, May 18, 2019: Winemaker Bibiana Gonzalez Rave of Cattleya Winery with a Preview of a Latin Roots Collaboration Dinner with Ricardo Zarate

Winemaker Bibiana Gonzalez RaveAs part of the Los Angeles Times Food Bowl embrace Latin cuisine with Latin Roots: Food & Wine With Passion showcasing a four-course meal created by chef Ricardo Zarate and featuring wine pairings by Bibiana González Rave of Cattleya Winery. (This is the evening of May 26th at Los Balcones in Studio City.)

The theme of the meal is Latin Roots, and each course will be a blend of Peruvian and Colombian cuisine, with the spirit of Los Balcones Studio City’s “mestizo style” of cooking (a blend of Spanish and other European influences). All four courses will celebrate the flavors of Colombia, Peru, Europe and California.

Bibiana joins us to share her incredible journey and preview Latin Roots: Food & Wine with Passion.” In 2015 she was named “Winemaker of the Year” by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Show 278, June 23, 2018: Chef Ricardo Zarate, Rosaline in West Hollywood

Ricardo Zarate of Mo-Chica and PiccaWe chatted with Chef Ricardo Zarate recently about his new restaurant in Las Vegas, Once, located at The Palazzo Resort. His new flagship in West Hollywood on Melrose Ave. (launched last June) is Rosaline. It’s dinner and Sunday Brunch.

Here Chef Ricardo takes his guests back to his roots with a menu of classic Peruvian dishes alongside “street-food” fare updated with a California sensibility. Also a ceviche bar.

The restaurant is named after Chef Ricardo’s mother, Rosaline. It’s what he calls the “next phase of Peruvian dining.”

All the menus include vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free-options.

Chef Ricardo Zarate joins us.


Show 274, May 19, 2018: Chef Ricardo Zarate, Once at The Palazzo Resort, Las Vegas

Ricardo Zarate of Mo-Chica and PiccaSeveral years ago Chef Ricardo Zarate created quite a foodie sensation with his original Mo-Chica restaurant located within walking distance of USC in the Mercado la Paloma. The menu was modern interpretations of traditional Peruvian comfort food.

Currently Chef Ricardo operates Rosaline in Los Angeles and the recently debuted Once in the Palazzo Resort in Las Vegas.

Once is a one-of-a-kind Peruvian Nikkei dining experience from Chef Ricardo Zarate. Once (on-seh), which means ’11’ in Spanish and symbolizes Ricardo Zarate’s spot in his line of 13 siblings, is inspired by the food of his native Peru.

Drawing distinct flavors from both Peru and Japan, along with the comforting dishes of Chef Ricardo Zarate’s childhood, the menu includes dishes such as Big Eye Tuna Sashimi Ceviche, with black truffle and kizami tigers milk; Arroz Chaufa, Peruvian fried rice, snow crab, yuzu aioli and crispy calamari; and Ox Tail Bibimbap, with black mint stew, tacu tacu rice, fried egg and plantains. To compliment the menu, there are 11 signature cocktails, including a Rum & Cola “slushee” machine for an irreverent, Vegas-style twist on a boozy classic.

Dinner nightly with the recently introduced Brunch on Weekends.

One of the distinct design elements is the chefs’ counter. Guests have front row, center views of the goings-on in the open kitchen and can interact with the engaging culinary team. Live theater of the culinary variety…

We relished the “Avocado Toast” on the Brunch menu. It’s not what you expect…It’s spicy tuna, crispy quinoa bread, avocado mousse with a Yuzu aioli.

Chef Ricardo is our guest.


Show 7: November 24, 2012: Chef Ricardo Zarate and Business Partner & Restaurateur Stephane Bombet of Picca in West Los Angeles and Mo-Chica in Downtown Los Angeles

Ricardo Zarate of Mo-Chica and PiccaChef Ricardo Zarate vaulted onto the local food scene in 2009 with his hole in the wall Peruvian spot, Mo-Chica, located in the off-the-beaten path Mercado La Paloma near USC. His inventive fare at wallet-friendly prices soon attracted national notice.

Restaurateur Stephane Bombet soon discovered Chef Zarate for himself and a business partnership bloomed. Their first venture was the upscale small plates establishment, Picca (just East of Century City,) which features Peruvian-Japanese small plates meant to share. From there Mo-Chica was relocated to expanded, and more fashionable, quarters in Downtown Los Angeles.